7 Larger-Than-Life Films

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Om Shanti Om (2007) - Netflix

A reincarnated Bollywood extra seeks revenge against his former lover's murderer in this glitzy tribute to the Hindi film industry, featuring extravagant musical numbers and a mix of melodrama and comedy.

Rockstar (2011) - JioCinema

This musical drama charts the rise and fall of a struggling musician who achieves fame but grapples with inner turmoil, blending electrifying musical performances with a soul-searching narrative that explores love, loss, and the pursuit of artistic greatness.

Ram-Leela (2013) - JioCinema

A modern-day adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" set in rural Gujarat, this film follows the passionate love story between Ram and Leela, two lovers from rival clans, amidst a backdrop of colorful festivals, intense family feuds, and tragic consequences.

Student of the Year (2012) - Netflix

This glossy coming-of-age drama set in a prestigious Indian university showcases the rivalry and romance between three ambitious students competing for the title of Student of the Year, featuring high-stakes competitions, glamorous parties, and youthful exuberance.

Main Hoon Na (2004) - Netflix

A larger-than-life action-comedy, this film follows an Indian army major who infiltrates a college undercover to reunite with his estranged family and thwart a terrorist plot, blending over-the-top action sequences with heartfelt emotion and catchy musical numbers.

Bajirao Mastani (2015) - JioCinema

Set in the early 18th century, this historical romance chronicles the passionate love story between the Maratha warrior Peshwa Bajirao and the Muslim princess Mastani, featuring opulent sets, lavish costumes, and epic battles against societal norms.

Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) - Disney+ Hotstar

This epic saga follows the journey of a heroic prince as he unravels the mysteries of his past and battles against injustice, boasting breathtaking visuals, grandiose battle sequences, and a mythic scale that captivates audiences.

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