7 Indian Films That Played at Cannes

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Neecha Nagar (1946)

The first Indian film to play in competition at Cannes, the social drama by Chetan Anand also won one of ten awarded Grand Prix du Festival International du Film.

Amar Bhoopali (1952)

V. Shantaram's film about a cowherd who becomes a great poet who exhorts his fellow Maratha to take on the enemy was nominated for a Grand Prix.

Awaara (1953)

The Raj Kapoor-helmed crime drama, which starred the filmmaker alongside Nargis, Leela Chitnis, K.N. Singh, and Prithviraj Kapoor, was nominated for a Grand Prix at Cannes.

Do Bigha Zamin (1954)

Bimal Roy's evocative film about the struggles of a farmer trying to make ends meet won the International Prize at Cannes.

Garm Hawa (1974)

Balraj Sahni returned to Cannes two decades after Do Bigha Zamin for what was to be his last film: M.S. Sathyu's Partition drama was nominated for the Grand Prix du Festival International du Film.

Kharij (1983)

Mrinal Sen's film examined the life of middle-class India through the story of a family whose child servant is found dead in their kitchen and how they go out of their way to escape the trouble that follows.


Swaham (1994)

Shaji N. Karun's film, nominated for a Palme d'Or, examined the life of a widow struggling to keep her children and herself hale and hearty and the state of affairs in India, where the die is so heavily loaded against women.

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