7 Indian Films Showcasing in 77th Cannes Film Festival

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All We Imagine as Light

Payal Kapadia's film marks a historic moment for Indian cinema at Cannes, offering a glimpse into the desires of two women, a narrative rarity on the festival's main stage since 1994.


Sandhya Suri's 'Santosh' navigates grief and family dynamics with sensitivity, promising a moving exploration of human relationships in the Un Certain Regard category.

Sister Midnight

Karan Kandhari's 'Sister Midnight' in the Director's Fortnight promises a bold cinematic journey, shrouded in mystery yet offering an unconventional perspective.

In Retreat

In Retreat' by Maisam Ali, part of the ACID section, offers an introspective narrative on belonging and home, resonating with those seeking deeper human connections.

The Shameless

While Bulgarian in origin, 'The Shameless' shot in India, explores the journey of an Indian sex worker, adding cultural depth to the Un Certain Regard selection.


Shyam Benegal's 'Manthan,' restored for Cannes, revisits India's 'White Revolution,' ensuring its timeless narrative and cultural relevance reaches a new audience.

Sunflowers Were The First to Know

Chidananda Naik's short film, competing in La Cinef, tells a tale of village chaos sparked by an elderly woman's rooster theft, showcasing emerging talent from FTII.

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