7 Indian Crime Thriller With 8.0+ IMDb Rating

Team FC

Scam 1992 - 9.3 IMDb Rating

A gripping portrayal of real-life financial scandals, this series captivates with its meticulous storytelling and stellar performances.

The Family Man - 8.7 IMDb Rating

Balancing action and drama with finesse, this series follows a middle-class man's double life as a secret agent, offering riveting thrills and nuanced character development.

Special OPS - 8.6 IMDb Rating

With a taut plot and high-octane action, this series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as it unravels a complex conspiracy.

Sacred Games - 8.5 IMDb Rating

This gritty crime thriller weaves together multiple storylines with skillful storytelling and powerhouse performances, showing dark and atmospheric portrayal of Mumbai's underworld and political corruption.

Mirzapur - 8.5 IMDb Rating

A visceral exploration of power, violence, and ambition in rural India, this series grips viewers with its intense drama and compelling characters.

Delhi Crime - 8.5 IMDb Rating

Based on true events, this series offers a sobering depiction of the investigation into a brutal gang rape, combining procedural drama with emotional depth.

The Test Case - 8.4 IMDb Rating

This series follows the journey of a female commando training for India's Special Forces, offering a fresh perspective on gender and patriotism.