7 Iconic TV Shows Only A Millennial Will Remember

Team FC

Dil Dosti Dance on Channel V

D3 was the show cool people watched! It has shaped a generation of people. It brought the coolest dance moves, college drama, and "tea" to our screens, making us believe that every problem could be solved with a dance-off.

Kya Mast Hai Life

Kya Mast Hai Life was the virtual hangout spot, where Zoey and the gang navigated teenage dilemmas and dreams. It was like our own digital sanctuary for relatable teen stories. From "so down market" to "it's very deeeep" we all grew up.

Dil Mil Gaye

Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima made every millennial believe in the healing power of love. Didn't we all show up at Sanjeevani Hospital for Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget at 8:30 pm sharp every day? They gave us the prescription for Laughter, Romance and Hospital Drama.

Mile Jab Hum Tum

College vibes, love triangles, and endless banter – "MJHT" was our daily dose of young adult drama that made us wish for our own college gang and a Samrat to sweep us off our feet. Good Times when we could make real friends by just humming the title track of MJHT.

Hannah Montana

Growing up we all have had the dream of wearing a fake wig to live the best of both worlds and sing this pop culture anthem as Hannah Montana! It taught us that handling school drama and being a rockstar is all part of the millennial hustle.

Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The biggest heartthrobs Zack and Cody turned the Tipton Hotel into their playground, giving us major sibling goals and proving that mischief and laughs could coexist in the same suite.

Wizards of Waverly Place

Remember breaking into "what's that a hat" with your bestie at the most random times? The Russos did make wizardry look cooler than ever. With magical mishaps and family charm, It made us wish we had our own wand for those everyday life fixes. Ya, send this to your bestie. Catch Up.