7 Iconic Movies of Joaquin Phoenix

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Joker (2019) - Netflix

Phoenix's portrayal of Arthur Fleck, a mentally troubled comedian who becomes the iconic Batman villain, earned him widespread acclaim and an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Her (2013) - Prime Video

In this sci-fi romance film, Phoenix plays a lonely man who develops a relationship with an advanced artificial intelligence operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

The Master (2012) - N/A

Phoenix stars as Freddie Quell, a psychologically damaged World War II veteran who becomes involved with a charismatic leader of a new religious movement, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Signs (2002) - Disney+ Hotstar

In this sci-fi thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Phoenix plays Merrill Hess, a former minor league baseball player who discovers mysterious crop circles on his farm, leading to encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Walk the Line (2005) - Prime Video Rent

Phoenix stars as legendary musician Johnny Cash, chronicling his rise to fame, struggles with addiction, and relationship with June Carter Cash, played by Reese Witherspoon.

Gladiator (2000) - JioCinema

Phoenix portrays the treacherous Roman Emperor Commodus, who clashes with Russell Crowe's character, Maximus, in this epic historical drama directed by Ridley Scott.

C'mon C'mon (2021) - Prime Video

In this drama, Phoenix portrays a radio journalist who embarks on a journey with his young nephew, exploring themes of family and connection.

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