7 Iconic Movies Mohanlal-Mammootty Did Together

Team FC

Athirathram (1984)

A compelling crime drama, "Athirathram" explores the complex dynamics of justice and morality, featuring the iconic Mohanlal-Mammootty duo in a riveting storyline directed by I. V. Sasi.

Anubandham (1985)

In this emotional family drama, Mohanlal and Mammootty deliver stellar performances, portraying the intricate relationships and conflicts within a family, making "Anubandham" a memorable collaboration.

Vartha (1986)

The crime thriller "Vartha" showcases the versatile acting prowess of Mohanlal and Mammootty as they engage in a gripping narrative, adding depth and intensity to their on-screen partnership.

Adimakal Udamakal (1987)

A social drama that addresses societal issues, "Adimakal Udamakal" features the powerhouse performances of Mohanlal and Mammootty, contributing to the film's impact and resonance.

Kariyila Kattu Pole (1986)

This thought-provoking film explores the complexities of human relationships, with Mohanlal and Mammootty delivering nuanced performances, elevating "Kariyila Kattu Pole" to a memorable cinematic experience.

Harikrishnans (1998)

The comedy-drama "Harikrishnans" showcases the duo's impeccable comic timing, combining laughter and drama in a tale of friendship and rivalry, creating an entertaining cinematic gem.

Twenty:20 (2008)

A milestone in Malayalam cinema, "Twenty:20" is a multi-starrer blockbuster featuring Mohanlal and Mammootty along with other industry stalwarts, uniting for a cause in this thrilling and socially relevant film.