7 Iconic Films of Sunil Dutt

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Mother India (1957) - Prime Video

Dutt portrayed Birju, the rebellious son of a poor village woman, in this epic drama that became a landmark in Indian cinema, earning critical acclaim and international recognition.

Mujhe Jeene Do (1963) - YouTube

In this crime drama, Dutt played a dacoit named Jarnail Singh, delivering a powerful performance that earned him widespread praise for his portrayal of a conflicted outlaw.

Padosan (1968) - Prime Video

Dutt displayed his comedic prowess in this classic comedy as Bhola, a shy and lovestruck music teacher, showcasing his versatility as an actor with his impeccable comic timing

Waqt (1965) - Disney+ Hotstar

Dutt portrayed a responsible and loving father figure in this family drama, which became a significant success at the box office and is remembered for its memorable performances.

Sadhana (1958) - YouTube

In this romantic drama, Dutt played a young man named Gopi who falls in love with a woman from a higher social class, showcasing his talent for portraying complex emotions and social themes.

Gumraah (1963) - Prime Video

Dutt delivered a compelling performance as a man accused of murdering his unfaithful wife in this suspenseful thriller, highlighting his ability to portray characters with shades of gray.

Reshma Aur Shera (1971) - N/A

Dutt starred in and directed this poignant drama set in the deserts of Rajasthan, exploring themes of love, honor, and revenge, demonstrating his skills as both an actor and filmmaker.

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