7 Iconic Films of Charlie Chaplin

Team FC

The Kid (1921) - Prime Video

This silent comedy-drama film, directed by Charlie Chaplin himself, tells the story of a tramp who adopts an abandoned child and raises him as his own. It's considered one of Chaplin's finest works and showcases his talent for blending humor with heartfelt storytelling.

City Lights (1931) - Prime Video

Directed, produced, and starred in by Chaplin, this romantic comedy-drama is regarded as one of the greatest films ever made. Chaplin's portrayal of the Tramp falling in love with a blind flower girl is both poignant and comedic, highlighting his mastery of physical comedy.

Modern Times (1936) - Prime Video

In this satirical comedy film, Chaplin's iconic Tramp character struggles to survive in a rapidly industrializing world. Through slapstick humor and social commentary, Chaplin explores themes of automation, unemployment, and the dehumanizing effects of modernization.

The Gold Rush (1925) - Plex

Chaplin wrote, directed, and starred in this comedy film, which follows the Tramp as a prospector in the Klondike Gold Rush. Filled with memorable scenes, including the iconic dance of the dinner rolls, it remains one of Chaplin's most celebrated works.

The Great Dictator (1940) - Prime Video

This satirical political comedy-drama, written, directed, and starring Chaplin, is a bold critique of Adolf Hitler and fascism. The film's final speech advocating for peace and humanity is particularly poignant.

Limelight (1952) - N/A

In this bittersweet drama, Chaplin portrays an aging stage comedian who befriends a young dancer played by Claire Bloom. The film explores themes of aging, friendship, and the passage of time, and it's notable for featuring one of Chaplin's most dramatic performances.

The Circus (1928) - Prime Video

Chaplin wrote, directed, and starred in this silent comedy film, where the Tramp finds himself unintentionally becoming the star attraction at a circus. Filled with hilarious gags and set pieces, it's a testament to Chaplin's comedic genius and storytelling prowess.