7 Iconic Characters Only Jackie Chan Could Pull Off

Team FC

Wong (Drunken Master 1&2)

Chan's physical comedy in the film is phenomenal. The drunken movements, that seem simultaneously thoughtless and precise, are difficult to achieve but Chan's performance makes it look easy.

Dragon Lung (The Young Master)

In his second directorial, 'The Young Master', Chan is incomparable. He is aggressive in his moves and steadfast, while developing his own style.

Chien Fu (Snake in the Eagle's Shadow)

One of his funniest action comedies, he plays Chien with a youthful charm, and energy. His punches are sharp, and expressions are sharper.

Kevin Chan Ka-kui (Police Story)

Written, directed and starring Jackie Chan, 'Police Story' is one of Chan's best performances. The sense of urgency and physicality that he brings to the character are important. One of the stunts involved him hanging from a bus with an umbrella, and no one else could pull that off with such authenticity.

Chief Inspector Lee (Rush Hour 1, 2, 3 & 4)

Chan plays Inspector Lee a sense of calmness and self-assuredness that work extremely well with the chaos of Chris Tucker's performance.

Dragon Ma (Project A)

Jackie Chan is extremely funny in this action comedy, playing off his co-stars Samma Hung and Yuen Biao, often playing the simpleton between the three without coming off as stupid. The 'police training' sequence is ridiculously funny!

Muscles (Lucky Stars Series)

Chan plays undercover cop Muscles in the ensemble Action-Comedy series made during 1980s-90s. While Sammo Hung plays the protagonist, Chan is brilliant in the action sequences.