7 Iconic Characters From SS Rajamouli Films

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7. Prithvi - Sye (2004)

Nitin's portrayal of Prithvi, a rugby player in a college sports drama, showcases his sportsmanship, determination, and the power of unity on and off the field.

6. Sudeep - Eega (2012)

Sudeep's character, a ruthless antagonist, meets an unconventional fate as he is reincarnated as a housefly, making this a truly unique and intriguing revenge story.

5. Kala Bhairava - Magadheera (2009)

Ram Charan's Kala Bhairava is a courageous warrior who embodies love and valor, defying the boundaries of time in this romantic fantasy film.

4. Vikram Rathod - Vikramarkudu (2006)

Ravi Teja's Vikram Rathod is a fearless and unorthodox police officer known for his action-packed sequences and a unique blend of humor in this high-energy thriller.

3. Komaram Bheem - RRR (2022)

N. T. Rama Rao Jr. brings to life the historical figure of Komaram Bheem, a fearless tribal leader who fights against colonial oppression, showcasing his unwavering determination and bravery.

2. Bhallaladeva - Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017)

Rana Daggubati's portrayal of Bhallaladeva is a masterclass in villainy, embodying ambition and ruthlessness in the pursuit of power and the throne.

1. Mahendra Baahubali - Baahubali: The Beginning (2015)

These iconic characters, portrayed by Prabhas, represent valor, righteousness, and the enduring legacy of the Mahishmati kingdom, making them the heart and soul of Rajamouli's epic saga.

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