7 Hrithik Roshan Movies To Watch Ahead Of Fighter

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7. Lakshya (2004) - Netflix

Hrithik Roshan delivers a compelling performance in this coming-of-age drama, portraying the transformation of a carefree young man into a determined army officer.

6. Krrish (2006) - YouTube

Hrithik Roshan dons the superhero cape in this sci-fi adventure, creating an iconic character and setting a new standard for Indian superhero films.

5. Dhoom 2 (2006) - Prime Video

Hrithik Roshan dazzles with his charismatic performance in this action-packed heist film, showcasing his magnetic screen presence.

4. Agneepath (2012) - Netflix

In this intense remake, Hrithik Roshan delivers a powerful portrayal of a vengeful protagonist, adding depth and emotion to the classic narrative.

3. Bang Bang! (2014) - Disney+ Hotstar

Paired with high-octane action sequences, Hrithik Roshan's suave and stylish persona elevates this action thriller to an entertaining spectacle.

2. Mohenjo Daro (2016) - Netflix

Hrithik Roshan takes on the historical epic genre in this film, bringing his star power to the grand scale of ancient civilization, although the movie received mixed reviews, his performance stands out.

1. War (2019) - Prime Video

Teaming up with Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan shines in this adrenaline-pumping action film, displaying his impeccable physical prowess and on-screen chemistry.

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