7 Horror Films To Watch On ZEE5

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Diya (2018)

It explores the chilling consequences of a mother's tragic death and her spirit's relentless pursuit of justice for her unborn child, blending supernatural elements with poignant human drama.

Zapatlela (1993)

A possessed doll wreaks havoc on those who cross its path, unleashing a terrifying chain of events rooted in ancient curses and dark rituals.

The Nun (2018)

It plunges audiences into the sinister depths of a haunted Romanian abbey, where a malevolent force preys upon a group of unsuspecting novices and a troubled priest, unleashing terror and confronting the demons of faith in a spine-chilling battle of good versus evil.

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Blurr (2022)

A group of friends encounters a malevolent entity while on a road trip, plunging them into a nightmarish struggle for survival where reality blurs with the paranormal.

Bhaagamathie (2018)

It delves into the eerie tale of a haunted mansion and the unsuspecting woman trapped within its walls, unraveling secrets of the past and present in a spine-tingling narrative.

Bhinna (2019)

It delves into the psychological horrors of a fractured mind grappling with trauma and identity, blurring the lines between reality and hallucination in a gripping exploration of inner demons.

Kolkatar Harry (2022)

It follows a detective's investigation into a series of gruesome murders with supernatural undertones, uncovering a dark conspiracy rooted in the occult mysteries of Kolkata's streets.

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