7 Hollywood Films With Great Endings

Team FC

Se7en (1995) - Prime Video Rent

Its ending is considered one of the greatest due to its shocking twist that resonates with the film's dark themes, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Trainspotting (1996) - Prime Video

The film's conclusion is lauded for its poignant portrayal of redemption and the protagonist's hopeful outlook, providing a sense of closure and reflection on addiction.

Joker (2019) - JioCinema

Known for its thought-provoking and ambiguous ending, it challenges viewers' perceptions of reality and morality, contributing to its status as a modern classic.

Schindler's List (1993) - Prime Video

The film's ending, featuring the survivors paying tribute to Schindler, is regarded as powerful and emotionally resonant, capturing the impact of one man's extraordinary act of humanity amidst the atrocities of the Holocaust.

A Beautiful Boy (2018) - Prime Video

Its conclusion, depicting the ongoing struggle of addiction and recovery, resonates with authenticity and empathy, making it a poignant and memorable ending.

Get Out (2017) - Prime Video

The film's shocking and thought-provoking climax, addressing deep-seated issues of racism and societal norms, contributes to its critical acclaim and cultural significance.

The Truman Show (1988) - Prime Video

Ending with Truman's escape into the unknown, it symbolizes liberation from societal constraints and the pursuit of genuine freedom, leaving a profound impact on viewers.