7 Hindi-Dubbed K-dramas to Watch on OTT

Team FC

The Village: Achiara's Secret (2015) - ZEE5

Unravel a mystery in a small village with this suspenseful K-drama, available on ZEE5, combining thrilling plot twists and atmospheric storytelling.

School 2017 (2017) - ZEE5

Dive into the complexities of high school life with "School 2017," streaming on ZEE5, as it navigates teenage struggles and friendships against the backdrop of a mysterious school incident.

Monstrous (2022) - Prime Video

The supernatural K-drama "Monstrous" on Prime Video unfolds a tale of paranormal events and dark secrets, blending horror with a gripping narrative.

Rain or Shine (2017) - Hotstar

Explore love and resilience amid life's challenges in "Rain or Shine" on Hotstar, a heartwarming series that emphasizes the power of hope and human connection.

Business Proposal (2022) - Netflix

Witness the complexities of professional and personal life in "Business Proposal" on Netflix, a K-drama that delves into the world of corporate intrigue and romance.

Listen to Love (2016) - Hotstar

"Listen to Love" on Hotstar follows the lives of radio show hosts, intertwining romance and personal growth in a heartening narrative that resonates with the power of communication.

Remarriage & Desires (2022) - Netflix

Netflix's "Remarriage & Desires" explores the intricacies of second chances in love and life, offering a blend of romance and drama in a modern setting.