7 Hilarious Comedy Specials On Netflix

Team FC

Ladies Up

Featuring four female Indian comedians, Niveditha Prakasam, Kaneez Surka, Prashasti Singh and Supriya Joshi. Each comedian brings her unique perspective and comedic style to the stage, covering a range of topics from relationships to societal expectations.

Yours Sincerely, - Kanan Gill

Better Than Timepass. I could stop right there but I have goals and I have to achieve them. If you’ve watched it you know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t- this is Kanan Gill at his finest. You don’t want to miss it.

Anthony Jeselnik - Thoughts And Prayers

Very Dark, very offensive and very Funny. His comic delivery, his stage presence, his methodical pace. The dude's on his top game - a rare special which has no contemporaries. 

The Most Interesting Person In The Room - Kenny Sebastian

Kenny goes meta – talking to an unknown power (stage crew) to let him continue doing what he's comfortable with and not face his past, or his inadequacies, manifested as the classical Indian instrument – the harmonium.

Daniel Sloss - Live Shows

After the release of "Jigsaw," Daniel used to post screenshots on his Instagram story of people texting him “I saw your special and filed for a divorce or broke up". His goal was to reach 1000 people leaving their partner.

Vir Das: Landing

Comedian Vir Das won the award for Vir Das: Landing in the comedy category at the International Emmy Awards 2023. In The special Vir Openly speaks of the after happenings of his viral video “Two Indias”

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Wong fearlessly tackles taboo subjects with her signature raunchy humor and sharp wit, providing an intimate and uproarious look into the realities of being a modern woman.