7 Highest Rated Movies of Angelina Jolie

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Beowulf (2007) - 6.3/10 IMDb Rating

Angelina Jolie lends her voice to the antagonist Grendel's mother in this animated fantasy epic, adding a sinister edge to this retelling of the classic hero's tale.

Changeling (2008) - 6.3/10 IMDb Rating

Jolie delivers a nuanced performance as Christine Collins, a mother wrongly accused, fighting for her son's return in this gripping true story.

A Mighty Heart (2007) - 6.6/10 IMDb Rating

This heartbreaking biopic of Mariane Pearl, wife of journalist Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and beheaded by Pakistani terrorists, features a powerful performance from Jolie who captures Mariane's resilience in a beautiful manner.

Wanted (2008) - 6.7/10 IMDb Rating

This action flick stars Angelina Jolie as an enigmatic assassin who trains James McAvoy who plays a disgruntled accounts manager.

GIA (1998) - 6.9/10 IMDb Rating

Jolie delivered a transformative performance in this gritty biopic of supermodel Gia Carangi. The film's unflinching portrayal of addiction and loss garnered critical acclaim.

Girl, Interrupted (1999) - 7.3/10 IMDb Rating

This cult favourite psychological drama also starring Winona Ryder features Jolie in her Academy Award winning intense role as Lisa, a complex character yearning for connection in a mental institution.

Kung Fu Panda (2008) - 7.6/10 IMDb Rating

This popular Dreamworks animated movie is a family-friendly movie with humour and heart and features Jolie's fierce voice performance as Tigress.

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