7 Highest-Rated IMDb Films of Scorsese

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Goodfellas (1990) - 8.7 IMDb Rating

Goodfellas is a riveting portrayal of mob life, following Henry Hill's rise and fall in the criminal underworld. Scorsese's masterful direction and standout performances make it a quintessential gangster film.

The Departed (2006) - 8.5 IMDb Rating

The Departed explores loyalty and betrayal within the Boston police force and Irish mob. The film's intricate plot and powerful ensemble cast elevate it to classic status.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - 8.2 IMDb Rating

The Wolf of Wall Street delves into the excesses of stockbroker Jordan Belfort with dynamic direction and a charismatic performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a darkly comedic exploration of greed and corruption.

Taxi Driver (1976) - 8.2 IMDb Rating

Taxi Driver is a haunting study of urban alienation and psychological descent, with Robert De Niro's iconic portrayal of Travis Bickle. Scorsese's gritty depiction of 1970s New York City remains powerfully resonant.

Casino (1995) - 8.2 IMDb Rating

Casino offers a dazzling look at the rise and fall of a Las Vegas casino executive. The film's lavish visuals and gripping narrative showcase Scorsese's talent for epic storytelling.

Shutter Island (2010) - 8.2 IMDb Rating

Shutter Island is a psychological thriller that keeps viewers on edge with its twists and turns. Leonardo DiCaprio delivers a compelling performance as a U.S. Marshal investigating a mysterious disappearance.

Raging Bull (1980) - 8.2 IMDb Rating

Raging Bull is a raw biographical drama about boxer Jake LaMotta, with a transformative performance by Robert De Niro. Scorsese's direction captures the brutality and inner turmoil of LaMotta's life.

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