7 Highest-Rated French Movies With 8.0+ Ratings

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The Intouchables (2011) - 8.5/10

Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano co-directed this tale of a disabled aristocrat who hires a young, underprivileged man to be his caregiver, and the bond that develops between them.

The Hole (1960) - 8.5/10

Jacques Becker's film revolves around the machinations and personalities of a group of inmates attempting to break out of prison.

Incendies (2010) - 8.3/10

In Denis Villeneuve's film, twins journey to the Middle East to acquaint themselves with their family's history and also to fulfill their mother's last wish.

Amélie (2001) - 8.3/10

In Jean-Pierre Jeunet's film, Amelie, the protagonist, makes it her life's aim to help those in need find the happiness they seek and in so doing, finds happiness of her own.

Children of Paradise (1945) - 8.3/10

Marcel Carné's film narrates the story of a beautiful courtesan in nineteenth century Paris and the ways in which she deals with the affections of multiple suitors.

The Wages of Fear (1953) - 8.2/10

Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, the film narrates the story of a crew transporting dangerous cargo without the precautions and safety measures required by law.

Z (1969) - 8.2/10

Costa-Gavras' film deals with the fallout of a high-profile double murder and the protests that follow, leading to a cover-up and the rise of a man determined to expose the wrongdoing.

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