7 Highest-Rated Films of Taapsee Pannu on IMDb

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1) Pink (2016) - 8.1

Taapsee Pannu portrays Minal Arora, a young woman accused of attempted murder, in this gripping courtroom drama that challenges societal norms and prejudices against women.

2) Aadukalam (2011) - 8.1

Taapsee Pannu appears as Irene Claudius, a pivotal character in this Tamil drama set in the backdrop of cockfighting, showcasing her strength and resilience amidst a male-dominated world.

3) Baby (2015) - 7.9

Taapsee Pannu impresses as Shabana Khan, an undercover agent with a compelling backstory, in this action-packed thriller focused on counter-terrorism operations.

4) Badla (2019) - 7.7

Taapsee Pannu shines as Naina Sethi, a successful businesswoman accused of murder, in this suspenseful thriller filled with twists and turns that keep audiences guessing until the end.

5) Saand Ki Aankh (2019) - 7.6

Taapsee Pannu portrays Prakashi Tomar, one of the real-life sharpshooting grandmothers, in this inspiring biographical drama that celebrates the spirit of female empowerment and resilience.

6) The Ghazi Attack (2017) - 7.5

Taapsee Pannu appears as Ananya, a refugee aboard a stranded submarine, in this gripping war film based on true events, showcasing her courage and determination amidst naval warfare.

7) Mulk (2018) - 7.3

Taapsee Pannu delivers a powerful performance as Aarti Mohammed, a lawyer fighting against religious prejudice and discrimination, in this hard-hitting courtroom drama that confronts societal stereotypes head-on.

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