7 Highest-Grossing Malayalam Films of All Time

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7. Bheeshma Parvam (2022) - 86 Crores

Michael helms an ancestral family, instilling respect and fear through his past. When younger members of the family find the power over them exasperating, they team up with Michael's foes.

6. Lucifer (2019) - 127 Crores

With a star-studded cast, the film is about the power struggle that emerges as a result of the death of a political godfather, and amidst the chaos comes Stephen, to claim the throne.

5. Premalu (2024) - 136 Crores*

Sachin falls flat for a woman at a wedding, but finds himself in a precarious situation when another man is also chasing her. What follows is a ride of hilarity and fun-filled entertainment.

4. Aadujeevitham- The Goat Life (2024) - 139 Crores*

When Najeeb gets a dream opportunity to work in the middle-east, he leaves his hometown and his pregnant wife, but instead gets trapped in a horrifying slave-existence in the scorching heat of the desert.

3. Pulimurugan (2016) - 152 Crores

Murugan keeps his village safe from the deadly tiger attacks with his crafty tools and expertise, but finds himself in trouble when a drug dealer traps him in a false allegation.

2. 2018 (2023) - 175.5 Crores

A story that follows the harrowing floods in Kerala, which saw the brave fishermen of the state coming to the rescue, along with the ardent support and help of youth and an overwhelming unity of the state to fight the calamity.

1. Manjummel Boys (2024) - 236 Crores*

A group of friends decide to vacation at the serene Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, but when one of them falls into an inescapable pit in the Guna Caves, they embark on a daring rescue mission.

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