7 Highest-Grossing Malayalam Films of 2023

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7. Voice of Sathyanathan - ₹21.90 cr

"Voice of Sathyanathan" wraps up the list at seventh place, grossing ₹21.90 crores with its distinct storytelling in the Malayalam film scene.

6. Garudan - ₹26.95 cr

"Garudan" soars to the sixth position, amassing ₹26.95 crores with its captivating narrative and box office success.

5. King of Kotha - ₹38.85 cr

"King of Kotha" ranks fifth, earning ₹38.85 crores, offering a unique storyline that stands out in 2023.

4. Romancham - ₹69.63 cr

"Romancham" captures the fourth spot with ₹69.63 crores, blending romance and drama to resonate with the audience.

3. Kannur Squad - ₹82.00 cr

"Kannur Squad" claims the third position, amassing ₹82.00 crores, fueled by gripping storytelling and stellar performances.

2. RDX: Robert Dony Xavier - ₹84.55 cr

"RDX: Robert Dony Xavier" secures the second spot with ₹84.55 crores, delivering an action-packed cinematic spectacle.

1. 2018: Everyone is a Hero - ₹175.50 cr

"2018: Everyone is a Hero" tops the charts, grossing ₹175.50 crores as the highest-earning Malayalam film of 2023.

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