7 Highest-Grossing Films of Anees Bazmee

Team FC

7. Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998) - 21.50 cr

Bazmee showcases his directorial finesse in this romantic comedy, which strikes a chord with audiences for its endearing storyline and charming performances.

6. No Entry (2005) - 44.72 cr

Bazmee's comedic genius shines in this ribald comedy, which becomes a runaway success with its ensemble cast and uproarious scenarios, grossing 44.72 crores and cementing its status as a cult classic.

5. Welcome (2007) - 70.15 cr

Bazmee orchestrates a laughter riot in this hilarious comedy featuring a stellar cast, earning 70.15 crores at the box office with its witty dialogues, situational humor, and entertaining storyline.

4. Singh Is Kinng (2008) - 67.90 cr

Bazmee's collaboration with Akshay Kumar yields another blockbuster hit, as "Singh Is Kinng" charms audiences with its charismatic performances and uproarious comedy, amassing 67.90 crores at the box office.

3. Welcome Back (2015) - 95.92 cr

Bazmee strikes gold with this star-studded ensemble comedy, delighting audiences with its rib-tickling humor and memorable characters, resulting in a substantial box office collection of 95.92 crores.

2. Ready (2011) - 120.72 cr

Anees Bazmee delivers a perfect blend of comedy and romance in this Salman Khan starrer, which emerged as a commercial powerhouse with its entertaining narrative and catchy music, raking in an impressive 120.72 crores.

1. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (2022) - 181.64 cr

Anees Bazmee's directorial prowess shines once again in this highly successful sequel, captivating audiences with its intriguing storyline and stellar performances, leading to a box office triumph of 181.64 crores.