7 Heart Melting Romantic Films With 8.0+ Rating

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Casablanca (1942) - Prime Video

Michael Curtiz's film dealt with two lovers who once promised the world to one another reuniting in wartime Casablanca.

Brief Encounter (1945) - YouTube

David Lean's second film followed a much in-love couple who are forced to stay apart by the circumstances in which they find themselves.

The Apartment (1960) - Prime Video

Billy Wilder directed this perfect romantic comedy about a man falling for a woman who is involved with his boss.

Guide (1965) - YouTube

Vijay Anand made the heart beat louder and faster with this dramatic romance about two people whose chance meeting becomes a life-altering event.

Before Sunrise (1995) - Prime Video

Two youngsters figuring life out meet in this Richard Linklater film, and spend a night roaming the streets of Vienna, at the end of which they realise how much they love each other.

Her (2013) - Prime Video

Spike Jonze's film dealt with one-sided love and loneliness by having the very reclusive protagonist fall for a computer software.

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La La Land (2016) - Prime Video

Damien Chazelle made the audience swoon and sway and then brought them down to earth in this musical romance which shows dreams taking flights and also crashing down.

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