7 Greatest Villains of the MCU

Team FC

1. Thanos

A complex, multi-layered villain whose motivations and actions continue to captivate audiences, possessing a strong sense of honor and a unique perspective on the universe.

2. Loki

A character who has come so far and been so fundamentally transformed throughout many movies and TV episodes, making him one of the most compelling characters in the MCU.

3. Killmonger

A powerful, charismatic antagonist with a tragic past and burning desire for justice, making him one of the most relatable antagonists in the MCU.

4. Agatha Harkness

A powerful witch and mentor to Wanda Maximoff, her character represents a unique blend of physical prowess, intelligence, and charisma.

5. Vulture

A former electronics engineer turned criminal, using a flight harness of his own design, he is a formidable and cunning antagonist.

6. Green Goblin

A character that has frequently struggled with his villainous identity in various ways, bringing a unique drama to the character that fully evil villains can’t replicate.

7. Kang

A time-traveling entity who has many different past and future selves, posing a problem for those trying to pin him down.