7 Greatest Villains From Indian Web Series

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Atmaram from Guns And Gulaabs (2023) 

Gulshan Devaiah as Atmaram Guns and Gulaabs was the perfect take on the comedic neo-noir setting of the story. His character contributed so well to the story while also remained mysterious to the audience throughout. 

Ganesh Gaitonde from Sacred Games (2018) 

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Gaitonde from Sacred Games is one of the iconic villains that have so much power in their minds that they can command anything around them. His role was deeply explored throughout the story and was one of the most memorable arcs. 

Tyagi from Paatal Lok (2020) 

Abhishek Banerjee as Tyagi from Paatal Lok was one among many other villain stories the series explored. However, his portrayal of Tyagi remains one of the most haunting and lasting characters with the audiences. 

Rajji from Family Man Season 2 (2021) 

Samantha as Rajji from Family Man will always be a commendable portrayal of a low profile but intimidating character. Even without much dialogue, she held the character's truth through her performance.

Rinku from Undekhi (2020) 

Surya Sharma as Rinku from Undekhi was a very confusing and gray character that goes through many challenges in the story. He actively makes the morally wrong choices in the story and the character's performance has been very well done.

Janakiraman from Paava Kadhaiga (2020) 

In this story anthology, the last one titled Oor Iravu is a dark tale about a crime within a family. Prakash Raj plays the role of Janakiraman in the story, a man that does not stop at anything in the name of family honor. 

Shubh Joshi from Asur (2020)

Vishesh Bansal as Subh from Asur is an extremely unlikely villain character, which is what makes it interesting. The portrayal of this character at such a young age is quite disturbing and impactful to watch.

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