7 Greatest Hits on OTT

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Scam 1992 (2020) - SonyLiv

With its gripping narrative and impeccable storytelling, Scam 1992 captivates audiences with the real-life tale of stockbroker Harshad Mehta's meteoric rise and fall, delving deep into the intricate world of financial fraud, ambition, and the human psyche.

Sacred Games (2018) - Netflix

Sacred Games revolutionized Indian OTT space with its gritty portrayal of Mumbai's underworld and political landscape, weaving together the narratives of a troubled cop and a gangster on a collision course, amidst a backdrop of corruption, betrayal, and existential dilemmas.

Pataal Lok (2020) - Prime Video

Pataal Lok emerges as a dark and thought-provoking thriller that delves into the depths of society, exploring the murky realms of crime, politics, and human nature.

Mirzapur (2018) - Prime Video

Mirzapur immerses audiences into a world of crime, power, and revenge, as it follows the tumultuous journey of two brothers entangled in the ruthless underworld of Uttar Pradesh, navigating treacherous alliances, betrayals, and bloodshed in their quest for dominance.

The Family Man (2019) - Prime Video

The Family Man unfolds the double life of a middle-class man juggling the demands of his family with his covert job as an intelligence officer, as he battles terrorists, bureaucracy, and his own moral dilemmas, in a thrilling yet relatable exploration of duty, sacrifice, and identity.

Kota Factory (2019) - Netflix

Kota Factory shines as a poignant coming-of-age drama set in the competitive world of IIT entrance coaching, offering a candid glimpse into the lives of students grappling with academic pressure, personal aspirations, and societal expectations.

Aashram (2020) - MX Player

Aashram unfolds as a gripping saga of faith, power, and deceit, as it follows the charismatic yet enigmatic Baba Nirala and his sprawling empire built on the blind devotion of his followers, while a determined police officer uncovers the dark secrets lurking behind the spiritual façade.

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