7 Greatest Films Written by Satyajit Ray

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Pather Panchali (1955)

Ray's debut film looked at the lives of the impoverished in the interiors of India and the gambles they take to make things better for themselves.

Aparajito (1956)

The second part of the famed Apu Trilogy follows the story of the protagonist of Pather Panchali (1955) from the time of his departure from the village for Benaras to his days in college.

Apur Sansar (1959)

The final part of the Apu Trilogy sees Apu as an unemployed graduate in Calcutta trying to make it as a writer.

Jalsaghar (1958)

The film follows a once-prosperous zamindar who wasted away his wealth with his lavishness and is now trying to keep up the image of the family despite an economic crunch.

Mahanagar (1963)

The film details the story of a housewife in a traditional, conservative setup who decides to get a job to help tide over the family's financial concerns.

Charulata (1964)

The film narrates the plight of an intellectually-charged young woman who has absolutely nothing to do in her husband's home until a sudden arrival sparks her curiosity.

Nayak (1966)

The film is set on a train traversing the route from Calcutta to Delhi, aboard which a film star and a journalist meet and get to know one another.

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