7 Greatest Films of Sudeepa Kiccha

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Huchcha (2001) - YouTube

Directed by Om Prakash Rao, "Huchcha" was a breakthrough film for Sudeep. In this romantic drama, he portrayed a mentally unstable young man who falls in love with a woman from a wealthy family.

Nandhi (2002) - ZEE5

Directed by D. Rajendra Babu, "Nandhi" is a crime thriller in which Sudeep played the role of a police officer seeking justice for his brother's murder. His portrayal of a determined and righteous cop garnered critical acclaim and further solidified his status as a versatile actor.

My Autograph (2006) - ZEE5

Directed by Sudeep himself, "My Autograph" is a touching drama that explores the relationship between a successful film actor and his ardent fan. Sudeep delivered a nuanced performance in the lead role, showcasing his directorial skills as well as his acting prowess.

Kiccha (2003) - Prime Video

Directed by Suri, "Kiccha" is an action-packed film that showcases Sudeep's dynamic screen presence. He played a dual role in the movie, portraying both a police officer and a notorious criminal. The film was a commercial success and further established Sudeep as a bankable star.

Eega (2012) - Netflix

Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, "Eega" is a fantasy film in which Sudeep played the antagonist. Sudeep's portrayal of the villainous industrialist was widely acclaimed across all languages. The film's unique storyline and impressive visual effects contributed to its success.

Veera Madakari (2009) - Disney+ Hotstar

Directed by Sudeep, this action thriller is a remake of the Telugu film "Vikramarkudu." Sudeep starred as a sincere police officer who takes on a powerful don.

Kempe Gowda (2011) - ZEE5

Directed by Sudeep himself, "Kempe Gowda" is an action-packed entertainer that features Sudeep in the titular role of a fearless police officer.

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