7 Greatest Films of Rajendra Kumar

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Mother India (1957) - YouTube

Directed by Mehboob Khan, this epic drama is considered one of the greatest Indian films of all time. Rajendra Kumar played the role of Birju, the love interest of Nargis' character, Radha. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Sangam (1964) - N/A

Directed by Raj Kapoor, this romantic drama featured Rajendra Kumar alongside Raj Kapoor and Vyjayanthimala. The film explored the complexities of love and friendship and was one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

Mere Mehboob (1963) - YouTube

Directed by Harnam Singh Rawail, this romantic drama showcased Rajendra Kumar in a memorable role opposite Sadhana. The film's music by Naushad was highly acclaimed, particularly the song "Mere Mehboob Tujhe Meri Mohabbat Ki Kasam."

Arzoo (1965) - YouTube

Directed by Ramanand Sagar, this romantic drama starred Rajendra Kumar alongside Sadhana and Feroz Khan. The film is remembered for its melodious songs and emotional storyline.

Dil Ek Mandir (1963) - YouTube

Directed by C.V. Sridhar, this emotional drama featured Rajendra Kumar, Meena Kumari, and Raaj Kumar in pivotal roles. The film explored themes of sacrifice, love, and morality.

Dhool Ka Phool (1959) - YouTube

Directed by Yash Chopra, this social drama addressed the sensitive issue of illegitimacy. Rajendra Kumar's portrayal of an honest man who raises an abandoned child received widespread acclaim.

Geet (1970) - YouTube

Directed by Ramanand Sagar. In "Geet," Rajendra Kumar portrays the character of Ajay Kumar, a talented singer, who falls in love with Neelu, but their relationship faces various obstacles, including family opposition and misunderstandings.

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