7 Greatest Actors of All-Time

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Robert De Niro

While most actors dream of being in just a single film that will be remembered by the masses forever, De Niro's filmography is filled with these masterpieces. From Taxi Driver (1976) to Killers of the Flower Moon in (2023), De Niro is famous for his uncompromising portrayals of violent and abrasive characters, making him one of the most influential actors.

Humphery Bogart

The face of 1940s cinema or the American cultural icon, Humphery Bogart has many facets to his body of work- Casablanca, The African Queen, Sabrina and many more. Bogart has left behind a legacy of some of the earliest creations of the noir genre and Hollywood's greatest romances.

Meryl Streep

When it comes to heavyweight dramatic material, Meryl Streep is unmatched in emotion - but she can also bring out the comedy when she wants to. Streep's utmost versatility and ability to transform herself into her character the best actress of her generation.

Leonardo DiCaprio

With nearly three decades in cinema, the Academy Award winner actor is considered to be one of the greatest of his generation. DiCaprio is well-known for his collaborations with some of the best directors cinema has seen such as Martin Scorcese, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and others.

Amitabh Bachchan

Defying all the conventional norms set by his contemporaries, Bachchan is became Hindi cinema's ultimate "angry young man". His roles in films like Deewar (1975), Sholay (1975) and Namak Halaal (1982) paved the way for Bachchan's superstardom and made him the most accomplished actors of all time.

Anthony Hopkins

Hopkins, who is renowned for his performances on the screen and stage, is one of Britain's most recognisable and prolific actors. Hopkins' win as the Best Actor for The Silence of the Lambs is one of the horror genre's few but brilliant representations at the Academy Awards.

Katherine Hepburn

Also referred to as the 'First Lady' of cinema, Hepburn worked in a varied range of genres, from screwball comedy to literacy drama, and earned four Academy Awards for Best Actress under her name. Hepburn's most notable roles include Alice Adams (Alice Adams), Tracy Lord (The Philadelphia Story), and Rose Sayer (The African Queen).

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