7 Great Underrated Horror Films

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Session 9 (2001) - Prime Video

Slow-burn horror movies like this one often fly under the radar. When a cleaning crew is tasked with sprucing up an abandoned sanitarium and getting rid of asbestos, they unwittingly sign up for a week of nightmarish experiences that will leave them (and you) speechless.

Southbound (2015) - N/A

Desert highways are the perfect setting for a horror movie but for five horror stories? This movie is an anthology of stories centred on five travellers who battle not only a desolate road but also their worst fears.

We Go On (2016) - N/A

This supernatural horror film explores elements of the afterlife after a man publishes an ad with a reward for anyone who can prove to him that there’s life after death. What did he expect? Claims of angels, demons and ghosts. What did he get? The unthinkable.

Forgotten (2017) - Netflix

Would you be able to notice if the person you have known all your life is suddenly…different? Same face, same voice, same mannerisms,  but something is off. That’s what this Korean horror movie is about.

Level 16 (2018) - N/A

This Canadian movie traces the journey of a group of girls living in an extremely strict hostel-kind of a foster home. Suspicious occurrences, disappearances, and a rash-inducing vaccine make them think there’s more going on.

The Ritual (2018) - Netflix

Spooky apparitions, demonic rituals, forest fires, wild animals—and four friends in the middle of all this chaos—this movie will surely make you question your next trip to the wilderness.

The Call (2020) - Netflix

This Korean horror-thriller movie will mess with your head regardless of your views on time travel. When a previous occupant of the house you live in, calls you, do you pick up? Especially if she lived there 20 years ago, is a serial killer, and now wants you to change her fate?

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