7 Great Netflix TV Series To Binge

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Russian Doll 

This is a drama series, following Nadia, a game developer who repeatedly dies and relives the same night in a time loop. She tries to solve it, leading her to unresolved things from the past. 

Taj Mahal 1989 

This is comedy drama television series, directed and written by Pushpendra Nath Misra. Set in Lucknow during the 80s, this show follows a group of individuals who are figuring out love, politics and friendships. 

Kaala Paani 

This is a survival drama about a mysterious illness that takes over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In a desperate attempt to fight the illness, we see individual's lives intertwine in a race to find a cure. 

One Day 

This is a romance drama series, following the relationship of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, through the years. They meet at the night of their graduation and see each other through their lives ever since.

The Railway Men 

This is a historical drama miniseries about the incident of the 1984 toxic gas leak in Bhopal, at a chemical company. The show documents the efforts made by the railway workers to save many lives during the incident.


This is a comedy drama miniseries, following the feud between two strangers who get involved in a road rage incident and escalate their enmity from then onward. 

The Gentlemen

This is a drama series that follows Eddie, a son who inherits the family estate and discovers that it is entangled an enormous weed empire. He navigates this situation while also trying to protect his home.

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