7 Great Movies Directed by Takashi Yamazaki

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Always: Sunset on Third Street (2005) - N/A

Yamazaki's heartfelt drama depicts life in post-war Tokyo, intertwining the stories of various characters living on the same street, showcasing his ability to craft compelling narratives with depth and emotion.

Stand By Me Doraemon (2014) - Netflix

Yamazaki co-directed this animated film, which pays tribute to the beloved Doraemon series while delivering a heartwarming story about friendship, family, and growing up.

Space Battleship Yamato (2010) - N/A

Yamazaki's adaptation of the classic anime series is a visually stunning space opera that captivates audiences with its epic scale, thrilling action sequences, and emotional depth.

Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (2007) - N/A

This sequel to Yamazaki's original film further explores the lives of its characters against the backdrop of a changing Japan, showcasing his talent for blending nostalgia with poignant storytelling.

Dragon Quest: Your Story (2019) - Netflix

Directed by Yamazaki, this animated fantasy film brings the world of the popular Dragon Quest video game series to life with breathtaking visuals, epic battles, and a touching tale of heroism and adventure.

The Eternal Zero (2013) - N/A

Yamazaki's war drama follows the story of a young man uncovering the truth about his grandfather's involvement in World War II as a kamikaze pilot, weaving together past and present to explore themes of sacrifice, honor, and the human spirit.

Godzilla Minus one (2023) - N/A

Directed by Yamazaki under the pseudonym "Koji Hashimoto," this film marked the resurgence of the iconic Godzilla franchise, blending action, drama, and social commentary with impressive special effects.

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