7 Great Irish Horror Films

Team FC

The Hallow (2015)

Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of rural Ireland as a family battles malevolent forces lurking in the ancient forest.

The Hole in The Ground (2019)

Experience the chilling tale of a mother's harrowing journey to uncover the truth behind her son's unsettling behavior, leading her to a sinister discovery buried in the Irish countryside.

Wake Wood (2009)

Enter a realm of dark folklore as a grieving couple makes a pact with a pagan ritual to resurrect their deceased daughter, unleashing terrifying consequences upon their small Irish village.

Isolation (2005)

Witness the gruesome horrors that unfold on an isolated Irish farm when genetic experiments go awry, leading to the birth of grotesque and deadly creatures.

The Devil’s Doorway (2018)

Explore the sinister mysteries hidden within the walls of an Irish convent as two priests confront demonic forces, uncovering horrifying truths that challenge their beliefs.

Shrooms (2007)

Join a group of friends on a hallucinogenic trip into the Irish wilderness, where terrifying visions and paranoia blur the lines between reality and nightmare, leading to a deadly game of survival.

Grabbers (2012)

Brace yourself for a blend of horror and humor as a small Irish community battles bloodthirsty sea creatures that can only be defeated with copious amounts of alcohol, resulting in a hilariously unconventional fight for survival.