7 Finest South Indian Thrillers on OTT

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Kaithi (2019) - SonyLIV

A gripping action thriller where a recently released prisoner races against time to save his daughter, featuring intense action sequences and a suspenseful narrative.

Salute (2022) - SonyLIV

A high-stakes thriller that delves into cybercrime and political intrigue, with a captivating performance by its lead actor.

Bramayugam (2024) - SonyLIV

A mind-bending thriller that blends supernatural elements with suspenseful storytelling, offering twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ratsasan (2018) - Disney+ Hotstar

A psychological thriller that follows a cop chasing a serial killer, filled with suspenseful moments and a gripping storyline.

Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire (2023) - Netflix

Film follows the friendship between Deva, a tribesman, and Varadha, the prince of Khansaar. When a coup d’état is planned by his father’s ministers and his relatives, Varadha enlists Deva’s help to become Khansaar’s undisputed ruler.

Vikram Vedha (2017) - Disney+ Hotstar

A riveting crime thriller inspired by the tale of Vikram and Betaal, where a cop and a gangster engage in a cat-and-mouse game of wits.

Toby (2023) - SonyLIV

Toby, an estranged man deemed to be a beast, vows to break free from the evil world and transform himself for Jenny

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