7 Finest Movies of Unni Mukundan

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Mallu Singh (2012)

Anil decides to look for his friend Hari, who went away 7 years ago from Kerala. When he finally locates him in Punjab, he claims his name is Harinder Singh, and is part of a Punjabi family.

Photographer:SINAT SAVIER

Vikramadithyan (2014)

Adithyan is the son of a dishonoured thief who committed suicide, and he must compete against Vikraman to get to the post of a police officer.

Clint (2017)

The movie is based on the real-life story of Edmund Thomas Clint, the child prodigy who passed away at age 7, leaving behind a massive collection of about 25,000 drawings and paintings.

Yashoda (2022)

An innocent woman agrees to be a surrogate mother at a plush and fancy facility, but she slowly realises that nothing is as it seems.

Malikappuram (2022)

On the way to Sabarimala with her friend, an 8-year-old meets a kind man who accompanies hem on their pilgrimage journey.

Mamangam: History of the Brave (2019)

During thee Mamangam festival, a new legend is born when a 12-year-old boy survives a battle with the mighty army of Zamorin.

Ira (2018)

Aryan has found the love of his life, but when he is accused of a crime he didn't commit, his life turns on its head. That's when Rajeev comes into his life as a savior.

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