7 Finest Films of Nana Patekar

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Krantiveer (1994) - Youtube

The film that opened a totally new dimension for Nana Patekar in his career as a actor, as he plays a fearless crusader in a small village controlled by underworld dons and powerful politicians.

Prahaar (1991) - YouTube

Patekar chooses an unconventional subject for his directorial debut, and also manages to deliver a powerful performances depicting the psychological costs of War on soldiers.

Wajood (1998) - YouTube

Patekar portrays one of his most unhinged characters in N. Chandra's Wajood, who goes to great lengths to unite with his love, Madhuri Dixit. However, complete oblivion of the fact that it is a one-sided romance, he is forced into the life of crime.

Welcome (2007) - Prime Video

No amount of memes can ever do justice to Patekar's exemplary performance in Welcome as Uday Shetty. In one of the most iconic comedy franchises in Hindi Cinema, Patekar's comic timing and his on-screen chemistry with Anil Kapoor remains unmatchable.

Ab Tak Chhappan (2004) - Prime Video

This ruthless crime drama film, inspired by by the life and times of an encounter specialist cop Daya Nayak, also happens to be one of Patekar's best performances as he immersed himself into the character's world.

Ghulam-E- Musthafa (1997)- Prime Video

Pataker plays a contract killer in this chilling portrayal of the communal divide and diversity in India who seeks to exit the world of crime after he falls for a dancer, played by Raveena Tando,

Parinda (1989) - Prime Video

Joining to the list is another brilliant gangster film made by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Patekar plays the gang-lord or 'Anna', contributing to the film's gritty realism.

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