7 Films That Showcased Incomplete Love

Team FC

La La Land (2016) - Apple TV+

Despite their enduring love for each other, Mia and Sebastian are forced to confront the reality of their separate journeys, leaving their love story tinged with a sense of longing and unfulfilled potential.

Sanam Teri Kasam (2016) - JioCinema

Saraswati, a bookish and introverted librarian, falls for her neighbor, Inder, a troubled young man with a rebellious streak. Their relationship faces numerous challenges, including familial opposition and misunderstandings.

Titanic (1997) - Disney+ Hotstar

The film follows the budding love between Rose, a young aristocrat, and Jack, a free-spirited artist from a lower social class. Despite their intense connection and the life-changing experiences they share aboard the ship, their love is cut short by the ship's tragic sinking.

Highway (2014) - N/A

Veera, a young woman, is abducted just before her wedding. During her captivity, she develops a complex relationship with her captor, Mahabir. Despite their deep connection, their love remains unfulfilled due to societal norms and the vast differences in their backgrounds.

One Day (2011) - JioCinema

The film revisits their relationship on the same day each year over the course of two decades. Despite their undeniable chemistry and the moments of closeness they share, circumstances and miscommunications prevent them from fully committing to each other.

Meet Joe Black (1998) - JioCinema

Death assumes human form as Joe Black, developing a profound connection with compassionate Susan, but their love is tempered by the awareness of Joe's transient existence and inevitable departure.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013) - N/A

The film delves into Milkha's turbulent life, including his lost love with Biro, whom he meets in youth. Their romance remains unfulfilled as Milkha's pursuit of success causes him to lose contact with Biro, who quietly departs the town.