7 Films That Made Nagarjuna Great

Team FC

Geethanjali (1989) - Prime Video

Nagarjuna's poignant performance in this romantic drama showcased his emotional depth, earning him critical acclaim.

Manmadhudu (2002) - Disney+ Hotstar

Nagarjuna's portrayal of a cynical businessman transformed by love resonated with audiences, solidifying his versatility as an actor.

Oopiri (2016) - Prime Video

Nagarjuna's sensitive portrayal of a quadriplegic billionaire in this heartwarming drama earned him widespread praise for his nuanced performance.

Shiva (1989) - YouTube

Nagarjuna's intense portrayal of a college student turned vigilante in this crime thriller marked a milestone in his career, establishing him as a versatile actor.

Manam (2014) - Disney+ Hotstar

Nagarjuna's role in this multi-generational family drama showcased his acting prowess across different age groups, earning him acclaim for his versatility.

Annamayya (1997) - ZEE5

Nagarjuna's captivating performance as the 15th-century composer Annamacharya earned him accolades for his portrayal of the legendary figure.

Zakhm (1998) - Prime Video

Nagarjuna's poignant portrayal of a filmmaker grappling with his mother's traumatic past in this emotional drama garnered critical acclaim, highlighting his versatility as an actor.