7 Films That Explore Broken Families

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Homesick (2005)

A poignant drama that delves into the complexities of a fractured family, exploring the emotional toll of estrangement and the possibility of reconciliation.

I Wish (2011)

Hirokazu Kore-eda's film sensitively portrays two brothers navigating the aftermath of their parents' divorce, offering a heartfelt exploration of familial bonds and the yearning for reconciliation.

Coming Home (2012)

Zhang Yimou's emotionally charged drama examines the impact of a long separation on a family, highlighting the struggles and adjustments as they attempt to rebuild what was once broken.

Guilty (2011)

A Danish film that explores the aftermath of a tragedy, unraveling the intricacies of guilt, grief, and the strained dynamics within a family struggling to cope with loss.

Death Waltz (2010)

This Italian drama delves into the disintegration of a family as secrets and past traumas come to light, portraying the profound effects of unresolved issues on familial relationships.

Wild Roses (2017)

A Norwegian film that sensitively navigates the complexities of a family coping with mental illness, offering a compassionate portrayal of the challenges and resilience within a broken family.

Empire of Dirt (2013)

This Canadian drama explores the strained relationship between a mother and her daughter, examining the impact of past decisions on their lives and the possibility of healing old wounds.

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