7 Films Starring Hema Malini and Dharmendra

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Sholay (1975)

Hema Malini and Dharmendra showcased their on-screen chemistry in the iconic film "Sholay," leaving an indelible mark with their portrayal of Basanti and Veeru, adding charm and depth to this timeless classic.

Seeta Aur Geeta (1972)

Hema Malini's dual role, alongside Dharmendra's charismatic presence, in "Seeta Aur Geeta" showcased their versatility as actors, blending humor and emotion seamlessly in this beloved Bollywood gem.

Dream Girl (1977)

In "Dream Girl," Hema Malini and Dharmendra's real-life chemistry translated effortlessly on screen, adding heart and authenticity to their portrayal of a father-daughter duo, contributing to the film's comedic charm and emotional depth.

Razia Sultan (1983)

Hema Malini's regal portrayal as Razia Sultan, alongside Dharmendra's powerful performance, added grandeur and drama to this historical epic, capturing the essence of a bygone era with their on-screen presence.

Pratiggya (1975)

Hema Malini and Dharmendra's electrifying chemistry in "Pratiggya" brought depth and intensity to their characters, enhancing the film's narrative with their passionate performances and captivating presence.

Jugnu (1973)

Hema Malini and Dharmendra's enchanting pairing in "Jugnu" added romance and intrigue to this classic film, with their on-screen chemistry shining through in every scene, captivating audiences with their love story.

Sharafat (1970)

Hema Malini and Dharmendra's collaboration in "Sharafat" showcased their early on-screen chemistry, bringing depth and emotion to their characters' journey, contributing to the film's success and enduring popularity.

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