7 Family-Friendly Movies To Watch With Your Family

Team FC

102 Not Out (2018) - Prime Video

The film gives life lessons that resonate with all age groups, despite being about two old men. Dattatrey is 102 years old with a dream of breaking the world record for being the oldest living person on earth. What’s stopping him? Find out in the film.

Apne (2007) - Prime Video

A retired boxer looks to his sons to achieve the success he never attained in the boxing world. However, when his younger son gets hurt during a match, the older son steps up to realize his father's unfulfilled aspirations.

Uunchai (2022) - ZEE5

When three elderly companions embark on a journey to the Everest Base Camp to honor their late friend's final request, they uncover the genuine essence of liberty and existence.

Sharmaji Namkeen (2022) - Prime Video

A scrumptious tale where a single man with 2 sons, after retiring, fulfills his dream of becoming a chef by starting out cooking for kitty parties in delhi. Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal play the same role at times and they are phenomenal. 

God Tussi Great Ho (2008) - Prime Video

A remake of Bruce Almighty (2003), Arun fed up from god gets an opportunity to be God for 10 days. While he fulfills everyone's wishes by the end he learns a huge lesson on accepting the way things are as things are the way they are for a reason.

Sukhee (2023) - Netflix

Shilpa Shetty plays Sukhee who goes to attend a high-school reunion in Delhi for which she has to ask her sexist husband's permission, which he denies. She goes anyway and finds her true self away from the repetitive, compromised housewife life.

Paa (2009) - N/A

Paa has a brilliant concept as its central theme. Auro, a 12-year-old boy, played by 68-year-old Amitabh Bachchan suffers from Progeria, Meets his father for the first time, and tries to understand his parent's complicated relationship.