7 Essential Movies of Adil Hussain

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Lessons in Forgetting (2012)

Hussain played a cyclone expert who, when he learns of a fatal accident his daughter was injured in, sets off to uncover the truth about the incident.

Agent Vinod (2012)

Hussain played the enigmatic Colonel, one of the many antagonistic figures Saif Ali Khan's Vinod comes up against in the Sriram Raghavan spy movie.

English Vinglish (2012)

Hussain played the neglectful husband to Sridevi's Shashi in this drama about a woman finding her sense of self once separated from her family.

Raag (2014)

Hussain plays Iqbal, a painter on the verge of being evicted from his residence by a landlord who wants to sell up and leave. His life changes when he meets his neighbour Radhika.

Main aur Charles (2015)

Hussain played IPS officer Amod Kanth who is charged with tracking down the serial killer Charles Sobhraj in this Prawaal Raman film.

Mukti Bhawan (2016)

Hussain starred alongside Lalit Behl as a son who reluctantly travels to Benaras with his ageing father who is convinced that he will attain salvation and breathe his last in the holy city.

Maj Rati Keteki (2017)

Hussain plays a writer who returns to the very same stomping grounds where he first began his journey, only to come face to face with a reality about his work that he has been desperately trying to escape.

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