7 Compelling Thrillers to Watch on ZEE5

Team FC

Forensic (2022)

A star forensic expert named Johnny Khanna , who is summoned to Mussorrie to team up with his ex-girlfriend cop, when a spate of murders rocks the mountain town. A shadowy serial killer is on the loose, preying only on little girls celebrating their birthdays.

Silence...Can You Hear It? (2021)

ACP Avinash Verma, a narcotics officer, is requested to become part of a specialized task force delving into a prominent homicide case. Nevertheless, the inquiry quickly uncovers unsettling truths.

Kadak Singh (2023)

A middle-aged man wakes up in a hospital Retrograde amnesia. The patient has visitors, but doesn’t remember any of them. One by one, these visitors tell their story leading up to the incident. Through separate versions, he hopes to piece together the person he was – or is.

U-turn (2023)

A journalist is getting investigated for the mysterious deaths of rule-breaking motorists who take illegal u-turns on a Bangalore flyover. A punchy moral thriller that’s as universal as it is Asia-specific.

Table No.21 (2023)

Vivaan and Siya, a married couple seeking excitement, join a game show in hopes of winning a tempting prize. However, the competition quickly transforms into a perilous battle for survival.

Blurr (2022)

A woman with worsening vision becomes wary of the mysterious events surrounding her twin sister's death. In her quest for the truth, she delves into perilous territory to uncover the answers she seeks.

Footfairy (2020)

A CBI officer in Mumbai faces a challenging task when he is assigned to hunt down a secretive serial killer with a particular interest in feet, leading to a troubling situation.