7 Classic Roles of Pankaj Kapur

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Office Office (2001-2004)

Kapur's role as Mussadilal, a common man navigating the absurdities of bureaucratic red tape, struck a chord with viewers. His portrayal brought humor and empathy to the frustrations of dealing with government offices.

Maqbool (2003)

In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in the Mumbai underworld, Kapur played the powerful and manipulative crime lord Abba Ji. His commanding presence and nuanced performance earned him widespread acclaim and a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Karamchand (1985-1989)

Pankaj Kapur’s portrayal of the quirky, carrot-chewing detective in this popular TV series made him a household name. His unique style and humor in solving crimes left a lasting impression on Indian television.

Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1990)

Kapur's role as a dedicated scientist facing bureaucratic obstacles after discovering a leprosy vaccine is both powerful and poignant. His performance earned him a National Film Award, showcasing his exceptional dramatic talent.

The Blue Umbrella (2005)

Kapur’s role as a greedy shopkeeper in this charming film is both endearing and impactful. His performance as a man who covets a young girl’s umbrella earned him another National Film Award for Best Actor.

Raakh (1989)

In this gritty thriller, Kapur’s role as a determined police inspector investigating a series of crimes showcased his intensity and versatility. His performance added significant depth to the film, making it a notable part of his filmography.

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