7 Characters Who Turned Murderers for Love

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Sadak (1991) - N/A

Ravi, Played by Sanjay Dutt seeks revenge against Maharani,a brothel owner played by Sadashiv patel after falling in love with Pooja the woman working in the brothel, played by Pooja Bhatt.

Badlapur (2015) - JioCinema

Raghu played by Varun Dhawan, driven by love for his family, seeks vengeance against his wife and son's killer, Nawazuddin Siddique resorting to murder. The film questions the philosophy of revenge and forgiveness.

Ghajini (2008) - YouTube

Sanjay, A Businessman played Aamir Khan is fueled by love for his girlfriend Kalpana, played by Asin, meticulously plans murders to avenge her death.

True Romance (1993) - N/A

Clarence Worley falls deeply in love with a call girl named Alabama, and when her pimp mistreats her, Clarence becomes determined to protect her. In a violent altercation, Clarence kills the pimp and inadvertently sets off a chain of events involving organized crime.

Kaabil (2017) - Disney+ Hotstar

Rohan, played by Hrithik Roshan, motivated by love for his visually impaired wife Supriya, played by Yami Gautam commits murder to seek justice for her assault.

Ammar Jami

Baazigar (1993) - YouTube

Ajay, played by Shah Rukh khan, adopts various identities and murders to avenge his family's suffering, driven by love for them and hatred for their oppressor.

Heathers (1988) - N/A

A dark comedy where a high school student becomes involved with a sociopathic peer, who expresses willingness to kill for their love.

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