7 Cameos That Made Movies Better

Team FC

Rajinikanth- Ra.One (2011)

When the Tamil legend made an appearance as Chitti from the superhit film Enthiran, it added excitement to the film and was completely on-brand with the film.

Bill Murray- Zombieland (2009)

His infectious charm and wit were on full display as he played an uninfected but grotesquely disguised man who the gang visit to seek refuge with.

Mike Tyson- The Hangover (2009)

A central plot of the film, the tiger, was stolen from Mike Tyson, who is a scarily charming man who wants to just sing with the gang. Or does he?

Irrfan Khan- Haider (2014)

An almost hero-like entry is given to the actor, who is revealed as he nears the camera, and he theatrically flips his shawl and scowls at us. Even his name is extravagant- Roohdar, 'the keeper of the spirit'

Stephen King- IT: Chapter 2 (2019)

It was delightful to see the author of the adapted novel make an appearance, make fun of his character's inability to write good book endings. An ironically comedic role from an author that has terrified audiences.

Shah Rukh Khan- Luck By Chance (2009)

His great cameo was marked by his lines which were the smartest and provocative lines in the film, after he came with a group of people and gave Vikram excellent advice.

Donald Glover- Spider-Man: Homecoming (2018)

The multi-talented Glover gave a pleasant surprise to his fans in a hilarious cameo, after a popular online campaign to get Glover casted as Spider-Man didn't quite come to fruition. But he didn't leave them hanging!

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