7 Best TVF Web Series According To IMDb Ratings

Team FC

1. Gullak - 9.1

The name of the show, Gullak, means 'piggy bank' in English, representing the financial challenges and dreams of a typical middle-class family. The show was well-received for its authentic depiction and touching storyline.

2. TVF Pitchers - 9

The show chronicles the experiences of four young professionals who leave their conventional jobs to establish their own company. It delves into their hardships, obstacles, and triumphs as they maneuver through the realm of entrepreneurship.

3. Kota Factory - 9

The story focuses on a set of students and their rigorous efforts to excel in competitive exams such as JEE and NEET, which are for admission to IIT and medical schools. It delves into the hardships they encounter in a highly demanding setting.

4. Yeh Meri Family - 9

Set in the summer of 1998, this series takes viewers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, depicting the everyday life, and experiences of a middle-class family during that era. a heartwarming and relatable series that captures the essence of growing up in an Indian household.

5. Panchayat - 8.9

The show explores the challenges and comical situations that the protagonist faces in adapting to the unfamiliar environment and dealing with the eccentric characters in the village.

6. Flames - 8.9

The series’ plot revolves around the lives of teenage characters and their experiences with love, friendship and growing up. It also highlights the ups and downs of young love and digs deep into the dynamics of friendship and the trials that come with teenage relationships.

7. Permanent Roommates - 8.6

It follows the lives of Tanya and Mikesh, a young couple who have been in a long-distance relationship for three years. The storyline explores their relationship as they try to decide whether to get married and move in together.