7 Best Performances by Aishwarya Rajesh

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Kaaka Muttai (2014)

This National Film Award winning Tamil comedy film was Manikandan's directorial debut and saw Aishwarya shine as the mother of two slum children in Chennai, soaring with resilience and maternal grit.

Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014)

This emotionally uplifting film from debutant S.U. Arun Kumar features Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles. Aishwarya is a revelation as Padmini, a spirited and independent woman who will fight for her love, no matter the cost.

Vada Chennai (2018)

This critically acclaimed gangster thriller starring Dhanush also stars Aishwarya as Padma, a silent yet strong young girl who has a relationship with Dhanush's character.

Kanaa (2018)

This sports drama, alternatively titled 'Not Out' features Aishwarya as Kousalya, a farmer's daughter with great bowling techniques who aspires to become a national cricketer. After doing wonders at the box office, this film was remade in Telugu with Rajesh reprising her role as the lead.

World Famous Lover (2020)

This Vijay Devarakonda starrer also features Aishwarya Rajesh in an inspiring role as a hardworking woman who throws the rulebook out the window and rewrites her own destiny with grace and fire when she finds out her husband is having an extra marital affair.

The Great Indian Kitchen (2023)

This Tamil film is the official remake of the eponymous Malayalam hit film and sees Aishwarya Rajesh transform into Radha, a young bride grappling with the suffocating reality of domesticity and societal expectations.

Farhana (2023)

In this gritty thriller, Aishwarya Rajesh embodies Farhana, a young woman wrestling between her conservative upbringing and a gnawing hunger for freedom. Trapped in a stifling marriage and a dead-end job, Farhana endures prejudice and hidden dangers at the call center.

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